Hills of Kron

Francis Log 4

Examining The Tapestry

First, that chest. I don’t detect any traps, and the chest opens easily. Carolin has a spell that detects magic somehow. When cast in here, she lists off what she can tell. The chest, pentacle, and tapestry are magic. And inside the chest are some candles, flasks, bracers, and a small stone ball – all magical. We’ve run across one of the potions before – a light healing potion. There’s two other potions that no one recognizes. One is quite similar to a heavier, thicker version of the light healing potion. The flecks look like Woundwart anyway. That’s a thick, oily, peppery potion with large flecks of green in it. Also, there’s a nearly clear potion where one can see coppery and golden sparkles in the light. Carolin finds that the ball is inscribed Lumos, and that the ball lights up when the word is spoken. The bracers are given to me, they seem quite fine. While we’re looking in the chest, Slade’s taken a key and wandered back outside the room. He reports that there’s just a door with a blue forcefield now – everything else is gone. But holding the key out and approaching the forcefield makes it dissipate, and unlocks the door. I’m just not sure what he would have done had he been stuck back there answering a new riddle. ;)

The tapestry looks down on exactly the same setting we can already see. A closed sturdy chest positioned in front of a pentacle set into the polished stonework. Oh, except in the tapestry, the candles on the apexes are lit. Pertherditeis wonders if anything happens if the two are exactly identical. So some time is spent trying to light the candles with our tinderboxes, from the lanterns, and with candles, all to no avail. Carolin brings her glowing ball near one – and it lights! Good work. So now we can light all the candles, and everything is identical. In fact, we can see the wavering of the candles in the tapestry – if we aren’t blocking the view. Pertherditeis tosses a pebble at the tapestry from the side, and it goes into the tapestry… and appears a couple of feet in front of the tapestry before falling to the ground. Some quick experiments show that anything that fits – including Slade – can go through as long as there’s nothing disturbing the image. Open the chest – the image doesn’t match – so nothing happens. Stand “in the view” of the tapestry, nothing passes. Carolin notes that there’s an ample empty space in front of the chest – things that fall through aren’t obstructing the view of the tapestry. So long as they aren’t large, like Slade, or something that rolls or can disturb the candles or chest. And moving the tapestry doesn’t affect its working, so long as it is completely flat before use. Touching the inner surface even accidentally sends you through though. The only thing we discovered that wasn’t sent straight through was the outside of the tapestry itself. Peering closely at the tapestry, we can see “Belphianor” as the creator’s mark.

This is very confusing to Slade and I. Here’s a couple of pointers towards Belphianor, but these certainly didn’t come crashing down from a flying castle. They’ve been here for awhile, and they blend into the hillside with no crater or even ground plausibly disrupted by a crash. Carolin and Pertherditeis are worried about recent local banditry and rumors of the appearance of “Great Evil”, so Slade and I will tag along to help and see if we find anything further about Belphianor out that way. So, after camping for the night, we decide to head to the nearest small village, Cishathorpe.

That evening, we trudge into Cishathorpe. We don’t explore the village, just briefly stopping at a trader’s store before heading on to the main inn. At the trader, we dispose of extra gear, and replenish our consumables. At the inn, we order supper and rooms. There’s a noticeboard from the town council on one wall. “Reward of up to 100GP for information about brigand activity on the Nese Road.” and “Reward of up to 1000GP for information about activities at the Moathouse on the Ikelwe Road.” Interesting. While we’re eating, we overhear someone talking about the Moathouse, and Carolin asks the fellow if he can tell us more.

“Sure, Pete over there (points) went out a couple of days ago. He said there were bobbing lights and horrendous BRAAAWWWP noises. He didn’t get close enough to see anything more.”

So, as the evening dies down, we rest.



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