Hills of Kron

Francis Log 7

Down the Stairs

By now, we’ve mostly covered everything we’ve found aboveground. Pertherditeis looks at my map, and points out that we didn’t examine the little tower in the southwest corner, so that’s our first goal. Slade points out that we don’t have all that much in the way of preparations for exploring underground, but he’s basically overruled by Pertherditeis and Carolin. So we’ll make do with my lantern and Carolin’s magic ball of light.

From the outside of the tower, we aren’t able to see very much. Even sticking a board that’s on fire partway into an arrow slit doesn’t illuminate the interior. On around to the door, Slade is going to go first. He opens the door and takes a step in, and we hear a loud “Arrrrrggghhh! Get it off!” Slade’s now wearing the latest fashion accessory, a huge spider on his head. Luckily, the spider didn’t manage to bite Slade somehow. Pertherditeis and I manage to enter the room, and we both also manage solid thwacks with our staff. Slade is yelling something typically insane, like “Light the Lamp! Not the Rat!” probably in reference to the fact that I got a good chunk of his shoulder along with the spider. Oops.

Anyway, the spider misses again and Slade rams his helmeted head into the wall while Pertherditeis and I both manage a second double-hit. Excellent. Spider jelly. Shudder. Careful study of the webs above our head doesn’t turn up any more spiders, and we discover 71cp, 38sp, and an ivory box(50). We wipe our nicks and scrapes carefully after Pertherditeis notes, “I think that was a poisonous spider!”

So, let’s see how we do on a dungeoncrawl. Pertherditeis summons Blue Eyes and he takes point. And stops almost immediately after starting down the set of steps. She’s not only stopped, but she’s blocking Slade’s path! Oh, look at that arch, it is dripping a really nasty looking green fluid. Pertherditeis hops and claps, “Green Slime! I read about Green Slime! Neat!” Er, ok. “Burn it Slade,” says she. Slade splashes oil on the arch and lights it. Slime flambe. It even smells bad.

After the fire dies down, we’re able to continue descending. We arrive in the center of a forty by sixty room near the south wall. There’s rubble piled across the western wall, and the south-eastern corner opens directly on another room or corridor. There’s a stench here that gets worse as we head to the southeast corner. We decide to examine the rubble first. After we clear the rubble, there’s two doors on the west wall. I manage to pick the lock on the one to the north. Slade opens the door carefully, but the room is filled with gear. Thirty shields, armor, polearms, and a whole pile of various sorts of provisions. Sheesh.

I go back to the south door, but fail to pick the lock. Spending more time here working on the lock still doesn’t get the lock open for me. Well, maybe later – or with an axe. Off to explore the smelly area.

As we step around the corner, we figure it out pretty quick when two Zombies step out and attack our rear. Luckily, they’re slow and inept – they miss. Unfortunately, we can’t do much to them either. Slade impales both – with very little effect. He finally grabs Carolin’s staff, which she briefly wrestles with him over before he can mutter “I need something blunt, let me borrow this pretty please.” Two more zombies appear, and Pertherditeis screeches “This isn’t working!” I agree, time to flee screaming. Shooing the others, I draw the Zombies attention for a moment. Carolin leads the retreat, and I lure the Zombies towards me for just a moment before running around them for the staircase. The Zombies don’t climb the stairs into the glorious sunlight.

“Sheesh, that was no good!”, says Pertherditeis. After some discussion, Pertherditeis suggests we try burning them. “But we need to make sure we know how many there are in total first, so we don’t miss any. Ack. That’s me being volunteered to go scout again. She’ll send Blue Eyes with me. We run down into the main room, then off into the room on the south east, and all the way to the south wall in that room. There’s twelve bloody zombies down here! We sprint back around the zombies and up into the sunlight. “Twelve,” I scratch into the dirt.

“We don’t have enough oil to get all twelve, we’ll need to get some other stuff burning too. And that means we probably won’t get to throw it on them.” says Slade. He starts gathering loose wood from the various piles of rubble. Carolin says, “That staircase is long enough to hold all of them in one spot, we could pile oil-splattered wood on the edges all the way up-and-down the staircase. But they won’t come up the staircase into the sunshine.”

Pertherditeis points out, “We can block the windows, then we can unblock them if this doesn’t work very well.” So I get to blocking the all the sources of light. Pertherditeis continues, “I have a spell Produce Flame which will help get this burning quickly. That is good news. So we have a good supply of wood along both sides, the very top of the staircase is half-blocked by a door Slade hacked out of somewhere, and I think we’re set to go. I motion, “Just me, Okay?” and “3…2…1” and take off over the barrier and through the wood. They’re just such slow, stupid Zombies. They won’t spread out to block me, just clomping straight for me. So I gather them all up, and sprint back up the now-dim stairs. Like the mindless automatons they are, they plod up the stairs right behind me. Pertherditeis lites the trail of oil that leads to the most-soaked wood at the bottom of the staircase after I jump the barrier. Slade wedges another door on top of our barrier and we wait.

They all seemed to be in the staircase when the fire blossomed at the foot of the stairs, and there’s a lot of hands waving at the edges of the barrier on this end, so we hope they’re all still trying to go this way. But we have to back off to avoid the stench. Slade stays to hold the barrier while it still needs help. But the fire quickly makes a long-avoided pyre and reduces the undead to ash.



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